Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seattle Photo Collage

I saw some beautiful things in the state of Washington and I thought I'd share some pieces. After 9 months in China and 2 months in Seattle its back to NYC! Its a new year for me and I'm very very excited for what's to come

Summer You're So Beautiful

I've been holding on to these images for a while, planning on mixing them into an inspiration series, but when I looked at them today I decided I didn't want to separate them anymore. Ahhh... the beauty of a summer day on the beach. Nothing else to say. These photos are the work of NeSpoon, a graffiti artist/designer from Warsaw Poland. NeSpoon spent the day at Oak beach on the Baltic sea, playing around with her lace stencils on driftwood and sand to create these beautiful installations.
There is a lot more where this came from. NeSpoon is known for her street art in Poland. Her most recent work, the Forty Forty project, is a combo of two lace installations and the work of stencil artist: Maniac.

For More on the Forty Forty project click the image below

 See NeSpoon's work on
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