Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thomas Wylde's Dark Glamour is the sex

Blood, death, ash, and life is the color scheme for Wylde's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign "Cuba Libre". The clothes are exquisite, styled brilliantly with a little soupçon of kink. The overall is so elegant, that you almost don't notice those naughty latex accessories
So chic

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The ruins of Detroit

Ballroom, American Hotel

I never thought of abandoned buildings and schools as modern ruins, places once frequented, then forgotten in the short time span of one generation. In their new book "the Ruins of Detroit", photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre take us into the world of "an American city in a state of mummification". The book chronicles the decrepit beauty of a once vibrant society now in decay, the death of a bygone era, a phantom of the American Dream. With chilling pictures of Detroit that are at once beautiful, eerie, and melancholic, Marchand and Meffre tell the story of our fast-changing society, and what it leaves behind.

Ballroom, Lee Plaza Hotel
Bagley Clifford: Office of the Bank of Detroit

    Room 1504: Lee Plaza Hotel    18th Floor Dentist Cabinet: Broderick Tower
William Livingstone House
Melted Clock: Cass Technical High School
Michigan Central Station

Via: Huffingtonpost.com

OMG! Juxtaposition-couture done right!

In my post titled Neon Nights: A Guangzhou Fashion Failure, I denounced Lisa May Loveless and Patrick Dabra's half baked interpretation of quasi couture displayed awkwardly in Guangzhou's urban landscape. Granted, neither Dabra nor Loveless are expected by the local fashion community (if there even is one), to be anything more than amateurish, but I decided to rip into the show anyways because all I could think to myself was "NO! Not THAT hair! Not THAT pose! Not THAT dress! Not THAT vegetable! Can I get a witness here?!" Hardly... In fact, as I quickly scanned the room I couldn't spot one alibi, everyone else looked utterly smitten.

Moving on... I stumbled across this beautiful editorial today on fashionizing.com and realized "juxtaposition", a reoccurring theme in fashion, can sometimes look perfect. Shot in the streets of Makati city for the Manila Bulletin, Satorial Splendor features model Jessica Yang looking effortlessly elegant and poised. Now that's couture in the city
Photographer: Rxandy Capinpin 
Stylist: Ryuji Shiomitsu

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shoe Lust: I die

If these don't scream Spring 2011, I don't know what does. The product of a Suno x Loeffler Randall collaboration, these kanga print wedges are my SS shoe obsession.

available at Solestruck.com 

Introducing, Raul Moreno Cardenas

Peruvian graphic designer Raul Moreno Cardenas really hits the nail on the head with his intelligent mix of gritty photography, Art Deco, 60s Retro, and Jules Vernes voyages. Like his style or not the man clearly knows what he's doing. There's been quite a bit of buzz on the internet this month about the first series I included up top, titled: Tribute to Burda Retrospective Collage, but I find Monsters Marine and Cinerama just as interesting. See more on his website: http://rmcdesigne.com/

Help Japan: Worldwide fundraising campaigns

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Details, Belle Krol


This girl is pretty cool. Great eye for detail and obviously lives in the now of fashion. I'll be keeping a lookout for her.

Check out more of her stuff at bellekrolillustrations.blogspot.com

Trend Alert: Big Stone Rings

Bottom two: available at Shopstyle.com

Top Image: No idea

Artist of the Week: Mitsuru Watanabe

Bathing in Rousseau's Forest , Oil on Canvas 2010 
Naoko in the World of Jyakuchu, Oil on canvas 2010

Time of Reading, 2009 Oil on Canvas

Naoko Exploring Purgatory

I'm assuming most of you hadn't begun reading my blog when I covered the 2011 AHAF expo in Hong Kong, but I was so blown away that I promised to post an artist that really fascinated me every week until I ran out. Last week Nicolina's Chile painting upstaged everyone else. This week I'm making good on my promise with Watanabe Mitsuru. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting him, but the obvious sense of humor that comes across in his art is unlike anything I've ever seen before. When I saw his paintings, my eyes lit up and I silently chuckled. What's not to love about an artist who imagines his little Japanese daughters reading, sleeping, and bathing in Rousseau's jungle and other historic landscapes by Michaelangelo, Delveaux, and Bosch

Message me if you know more about this artist

bed hair, no shirt, and a flash, what more does a denim campaign need

Some guys just like to keep their advertising really fucking simple.
Introducing Spring 2011 for R13 Jeans, available at Barneys and other such places...

Cheers to that!
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