Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spotlight: Tony Orrico

If you have a little patience, you'll find this one interesting...

I've been searching for something different to post on my blog. I didn't quite know what... I just needed it to be different. Then Tony Orrico caught my eye.
Using his entire body through controlled repetitive movements, Orrico taps into new frontiers of visual art and art expression. I would describe his style as choreographed geometric scribbling.
Now... how to get you to actually watch the videos... Hmmm... Ok, how about this: Rarely is visual art equally as thoughtful about sharing the artistic process as it is about showcasing the grand result. Orrico however, is just as much about performing his process for an audience, as he is about creating a piece for display. He also manages to do this unpretentiously.

In the first video, he actually explains what he's doing which makes it 3x as interesting. The second video is just cool. Watch and learn kids.
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