Monday, June 6, 2011

Art Inspiration: Camila do Rosario

What can I say about this woman? The way I see it is, you can learn a lot from her. As long as I keep a blog, I'm going to be sharing things that expand my horizons, whether it be artistically or practically and I think Rosario sets an example. The reason why I have so much admiration for her is that she takes simple illustration techniques and just pours her identity into them. I can't find any information on the internet about her background as an artist but I feel so connected to her through her use of color and the way she communicates proud stoic beauty. The technical aspects of her work are extremely detail-oriented but still very straightforward. She manages to be decorative without being annoying, and clean without resorting to minimalism. I think what makes her stand out is her ability to recreate different moments in the same color wheel. A great reference for any illustrator looking for new inspiration


  1. I really love her illustrations as well. Thanks for sharing.


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