Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jonathan Zawada: Conceptual landscapes

Introducing Jonathan Zawada... art director and master of digital design. His work spans across several categories, but I prefer to appreciate one project at a time. Today its his Conceptual Landscape series:

Since starting this blog, I've developed a much greater appreciation for the complexities of proper color combination and balance. For someone like me who has spent most of her life between Paris, New York, various parts of the Northeast US, and most recently, southern China, which is grey as hell, I've tended towards the monochromatic and the uniform... navy blues, blacks, greys, deep purples, and the occasional red. Introducing color in my life, which is my mission for the year, will become an adventure that will probably sustain my interest for the remainder of my days.

Zawada's landscapes are fascinatingly fucked up in their beauty. The last image reminds me of a sunrise I saw on the white desert in Egypt, but its that bright shade of red, juxtaposed against lavender and light steel blue that makes Zawada's image just as striking as the real thing. Similarly in the images above, he's able to incorporate bold neon shades of yellow and pink without overwhelming your senses, or producing a style of art that is outdated.

I read a few interviews where he explains what went on in his head when he developed this series, and to be quite honest I don't understand a thing he's talking about, click here. Nevertheless, I fully appreciate his work and his brilliance as a contemporary graphic designer.

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